The finale brings a new normal. Now you have the knowledge and a new wellness toolbox to create a continued wellness lifestyle. We finish with a discussion of chemicals in our foods and our environment. You are challenged to eat local and seek organic resources in your community. This week we discuss what your new normal looks like for the future. You will see how eating healthier, selecting organic foods and decreasing chemicals in your household will protect your liver. You will also learn some of the local resources for vegan and raw restaurants, as well as organic co-ops that are available.

Week 4: Finale

Supplementation Regimen:

  • Catalyn- 3 tablets
  • Tuna Omega 3 Oil- 2 perles
  • Trace Mineral/B12- 1 tablet
  • SP Complete- 1-2 shakes per day
  • Zinc Liver Chelate- 1-2 tablets per day

Week 4 Video